Thursday, November 8, 2007

My family

There are 4 persons in my family, my father, mother, brother and me. In 1980s, the government of china set up a new policy that "one family, one child" to reduce the huge population problem when my mom was carrying me. My mom’s boss tried to convince my mom to get rid of me in order to follow the new policy. However, Because of my father’s insist, I was born in this beautiful world. I should say thanks to my father and mother; otherwise I will not be here writing the blog any more. As the punishment that having two children in our family, my mom and father’s annual bonus was gone. I always pay double of the school fees and medical fees than my classmates since I was born. It is because there are no subsidies for the 2nd child either from government or my mom’s company. So when my brother was young, he used to call me “the extra one”. My parents will scold him when he calls me that; it is because I will never be “the extra one” for my parents.

My father raised my brother and me in different ways from what other parents do. He is a strict person, when we were young he asks us to learn some basic skills that he thinks are useful for a person, such as, riding a bicycle, swimming, forming a good study attitude. When other parents are busy finding tutors for their child for extra tuitions, my father told us “It’s kind of wasting money, if you never pay attention or learn well in the school, you will never learn well at home”. However, he encourage us to find out more hobbits, he teach us how to skating, playing badminton and ping pong, send us for courses on playing instrument. He never scolds me for my bad results that I gain in the school, but he will scolds me when I am not working hard for my exams. One thing he is emphasis most is “cheating is fooling yourself, you will never know how well you are doing really, if you are not cheating, I will not blame you for the bed results even you failed the exam”. So I never feel afraid to tell my father my results although sometime they are really bad.

My mother is a typical kind of Chinese woman, who kind, quite, scanty and beautiful. She taking care of us since we were born in every detail. She might not making many decisions for us in our lives but she do influence us in the way she behaviors. Both my mom and father are working, my mom still need to rush back to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us everyday, and she never complained about that. My mom has a very good temp, she never scold us loudly, but softly telling us when we do something wrong. My mom is always thrifty, she rather spend on my brother and me than spend on herself.

My elder brother is 4 years older than me, he is a very naughty boy when he was young, he always go to outside play with his friends and get back home with wounds on his body. I remember there are many times that my mom brings him rushing to the hospital to get rid of his wounds. Like other children, we also fight a lot at home, and of course I am always the one lose the fights. I will always go and tell my father that my brother bullies me, and then just sit there enjoy watching my father scolding my brother. As the time goes by, we grow up and there are less fighting, but more understanding between us.

I am just a normal girl, who happily spends my days in NUS right now. Hope that one day I can graduate successfully from NUS.

I love my family and I miss all my family members. I hope I can stay with them everyday.

they are my parents, the two persons with sun glasses, have you find me in the picuter?

Summary of my academic essay

According to Bolton, “Motivation can be defined as a concept used to describe the factors within an individual which arouse, maintain and channel behavior towards a goal”(n.d., para 2). Motivation is an important trait for a person to have a more fulfilling life are because 2 reasons. The first One is it might help a student to achieve his/her goals. For a student self motivation is what he/she needs most of the time during his/her university studies. Pittman saw that “young people as recipients and as active agents in their own development and that of their communities and society” (1999, para 1). With motivation, a student will tell himself/herself to study hard, to plan his/her study systematically and to learn knowledge more eagerly. The other one is it might help a person in his/her career. Let us see an example, Tyra Banks, who is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. She is also a successful business woman, and the host of reality shows "America's Next Top Model" and talk show "The Tyra Banks Show". She said “I have so many goals. I wanted to be more of a business woman. I wanted to take this name I had made for myself and take to the next level” (Famous Tyra Banks Quotes. n.d.). To be a successful business woman is the motivation that drives Tyra Banks to succeed both in the model industry and in her business after many years hard working.
Motivation can be the reason behind a person’s actions which causes him/her to react or act in the way he/she does. In conclusion, motivation does play an important role in a person’s life.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

After review "Drumline"

I watched this film few times, every time i got different kinds of understanding. i wonder, are their college life really that wonderful? if yes, then that makes me so envy. the university students full of energy, they play the music that they loved, they stick on what they belief. i like that. i also like the sentence that Devon's high school principal said in devon's graduation ceremony " no matter what obstacles life may bring you, always remember you can fly".

"Drumline" review

This story is about a cocky kid named Devon miles, he just graduated from his high school at Harlem, N.Y and he gets the full scholarship to Atlanta A & T University to play drums. His talent is the reason that he was recruited by the band director Dr. Lee. After a military style training, he becomes the only P1 member who will be guaranteed to spot on the field out of all the freshmen. There is no doubt that he is the best natural drummer the college has ever had. He expects to lead his school’s marching band to victory so eagerly. Yet, his cocky and haughty attitude brings many obstacles in his life. He lies on the university application because he cannot really read music; he disrespects his section leader; he fights with his competitor during the performance. Because all of these, he is kicked out from the marching band. But, he does not give up his music, he soon realizes the hard way that it takes more than talent to reach the top. So he starts to learn how to read music from his section leader (Sean) and mean while help Sean to prepare the competition, although he cannot spot on the field. Finally, under Devon and Sean’s leader, their marching band wins the first price with another marching band (Morris brown), so their drumline are put on the field for the championship. finally, with their drumline's perfect performance, The Atlanta A & T university marching band win the BET big southern classical competition.

The things that impress me mostly in this comedy are their highly organized team work, their musicianship and their wonderful college life. They are in the band because they have a fervent, unequivocal belief in team work and also because they belief the musicianship. In this Atlanta A & T marching band there is one concept “one band, one sound” which means if anyone in the band looks or sounds bad, they all look and sound bad. What a strong team work!

or you also can watch at

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Problem and solution

Many people find interpersonal relationships the most challenging aspect of their personal and/or work lives. How can such relationships be enhanced by the development of emotional intelligence?

Interpersonal relationship should be enhanced by the development to emotional intelligence. Communication is what people do in their daily lives, they have to contact with different kinds of people not only at work but also in their personal lives. That is why many people find interpersonal relationships are the most challenging aspect in their lives. How can it be enhanced? Firstly, identifying oneself mentally with a person and understanding his/her feelings. Get to know what bothers them, how they work, how they think, it makes other people feel free to talk with you. For instance, one of your friends is sad because she got a bad result for last semester. You know the reason about which she is unhappy, so you go over and comfort her. She might feel better after talking with you, which is good interpersonal relationship.Secondly, being a good listener. There is one saying “if you want to get some respects from other people, show some respects first”, means you want other people listen to you, then you have to listen to them first. In listening, we listen but may not know what the speaker is talking but in empathetic listening, we place ourselves in the speaker’s place, figure out what he/she is feeling and identify with his/her problems. Those are the requirements for being a good listener. All in all, in order to enhance the interpersonal relationship, we have to understand other people’s feeling and have some skill of empathy at the same time.

Comparison and Contrast

What are the different ways in which intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence contribute to the development of an undergraduate?

Intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence contribute to the development of an undergraduate in many different ways. Let us look at the intellectual intelligence first, competition is everywhere in the university campus, so we need to study hard to attain good academic results that makes intellectual intelligence so important to an undergraduate. Intellectual intelligence can helps an undergraduate to learn the knowledge better, think and response to the question faster, digest the knowledge faster and get better academic results. At the same time, emotional intelligence also plays a part to help an undergraduate. Assignments and projects are definitely not avoidable during the university study. Most of times you need to cooperate with your team/project members when you are doing a big project. The successful project needs not only everybody’s efforts but also united team members. Here emotional intelligence comes, it helps you on how you should react when you hear your team member have different opinions with you, how you should communicate with them when you disagree their point of views, how you should control your temper when you really angry about your teammates... etc, actually it helps you on how to handle many situations that you could have being in. It also makes your study more effective. So as an undergraduate student we need both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Motivation, resilience, optimism, self-control, flexibility, etc. are attributes often associated with emotional intelligence. Choose one of these and discuss why it is an important trait for a fulfilling life.

Motivation is an important trait for a fulfilling life. Motivation can be defined as a concept used to describe the factors within an individual which arouse, maintain and channel behaviors towards a goal. Why motivation is so important? Firstly, motivation might help people to achieve their goals. Taking the college students as an example, the methods of education are different between the university and secondary school. There are no more spooned feeds for the students after they go into the university. So they can not rely on their parents and teachers any more, self motivation is what they need at most of the time during their college study. For them, the motivation might be to get the good academic results, to learn more knowledge, to get the compliments from their parents and teachers. With those motivations, students will tell themselves to study hard, to plan their study systematically and to learn knowledge more eagerly.

Secondly, motivation might help people in their career. Nowadays, a lot of companies provide the incentive system to encourage their employees to be more effective and efficiency. The motivation for the employees is to get the incentive. Under this motivation, they might go for some training courses to get themselves well trained, get to know more about what they are doing and to figure out how to do the job effectively. Motivation is the reason behind their actions which causes them to react or act in the way they do. In conclusion, as one of the factor of emotional intelligence, motivation plays an important role in people lives.